yep i drew jeanmarco and yep i cried


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dark side of the moon

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Eren Jaeger  Shingeki no Kyojin Chibi theatre



「ソウノ@お仕事募集中」- [pixiv]


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"I don’t know…what my father was thinking that day. It was probably the instinct of hunting food for the baby. He probably just wanted to give my mother, who had just given birth, something nutritious to eat." - Yuki


dialogue from p3: the answer.. i just altered it a bit to fit hamuko!

i kinda wish they would remake the answer into the psp or vita and include the feMc’s story too ;w;///


don’t lose your wayyyyy~!!!

a p3pxklk crossover oh my god. aKIHIKO AND SHINJIRO AS NUDIST BEACH BUDS TOO (basically as aikuro and tsumugu oh my godd). 

i asked on twitter who would be mako and i got junpei and ryoji, so…


sailor fuku hamu is important (*´▽`*)

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